The Cat, The Mill, and The Murder

The Cat, the Wife, and the Weapon
(Cats in Trouble Series #5)
Signet, May 7 ’13
ISBN-10: 0451415418
ISBN-13: 978-0451415417

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When cat lover and quilter Jillian Hart volunteers to help a local animal shelter relocate a colony of feral cats living in an abandoned textile mill, she never expects to find a woman living there, too. Jeannie went missing from Mercy, South Carolina, a decade ago, after her own daughter’s disappearance.

Jeannie refuses to leave the mill or abandon Boots, her cat who died years ago. After all, she and Boots feel the need to protect the premises from “creepers” who come in the night. After Jeannie is hurt in an accident and is taken away, those who’ve come to town to help repurpose the mill uncover a terrible discovery.. As the wheels start turning in Jillian’s mind, a mysterious new feline friend aids in her quest to unearth a long-kept and dark secret.

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The Cat, The Lady, and the Liar: “Fans of quilter and cat rescuer Jillian Hart…will love this story.”
–Romantic Times, 4 stars


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